Mind Body Bump

Mind Body Bump
May 29, 2019 Nicola
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We love it when someone shares our passion for staying active during pregnancy, recognising all the  benefits of exercising, eating well and preparing your body for the birth of your baby – not just for the physical process of labour (probably the biggest physical challenge you’ll experience) but so you’re strong and prepared in readiness for your new baby.

Hard scientific evidence has repeatedly confirmed that an active pregnancy results in a healthier mum and healthier baby before and after childbirth but after experiencing some of the conflicting advice about prenatal exercise, fitness guru Brit Williams was determined to share her pregnancy-positive message and unique strength training programme with expectant mothers.
Brit developed this book after trialling hundreds of exercises during her own pregnancy, as well as creating and modifying her training plans for postnatal mums too.
Organised by trimester, the prenatal exercise routines are easy to follow and take you through exactly what is happening in your body and how your baby is developing at each stage, with month-by-month workouts to meet your body’s needs.  The pregnancy workouts are designed to be adaptable for all fitness levels and can be easily practised at home or in the gym, with minimal equipment.

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fit pregnancy with fit brit

Brit’s plan includes a bodyweight and a weight based workout for each month of pregnancy, brought to life with a combination of photos and illustrations.
What sets this book apart though, is all the extra advice and helpful insights into what is happening to your body during pregnancy – clearly written by someone who has recently experienced all this for herself.  For each stage of pregnancy there’s an update about what is happening to your body and an update about what is happening to your baby too.
The regular wellness agenda will help steer your pregnancy workouts, reminding you that you’re not simply exercising for you, you’re staying fit for your baby too.  Your strong, healthy body will be better prepared for lifting, carrying and managing your baby – anyone who has ever manoeuvred a wriggling infant into a car seat (or tried to lift one out without waking them) will know that the myriad tasks that come with motherhood engages many different muscles.
We loved the recipes too….packed with superfoods for pregnancy the recipes were provided by the Mindful Chef to support specific stages of your pregnancy diet.
And we especially love how good Brit and the models look in FittaMamma gear!

Mind, Body, Bump by Brit Williams, published by White Lion Publishing, RRP £16.99 Available from WHSmith, other online retailers and bookstores