Look After YOU!

Look After YOU!
February 9, 2021 Nicola
Look after you pregnancy fitness

Pregnancy is so exciting.  So many changes in your lifestyle as well as your body. And so much to consider.  Eating the right foods for pregnant women, avoiding the wrong foods, planning the nursery, buying and choosing everything from a car seat to baby wipes…..it’s all about the baby.

But you need looking after too!  Take some time to remember that self-care isn’t ‘selfish’.  Especially when you’re pregnant.

For starters, exercising during pregnancy will make YOU feel better.  Taking some time out for a run, half an hour for a prenatal workout or even twenty minutes to follow a pregnancy yoga routine is ‘me’ time, a chance to do what you enjoy.  It will help you adjust to the changes in your body, release those feel good endorphins and can be hugely beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety, improving your sleep as well.

Wearing the right, supportive maternity fitnesswear isn’t selfish either.  It will make you feel better however you choose to stay active during pregnancy, supporting your baby bump, back and boobs.  Changing into the right clothes for exercise will improve your motivation and confidence, even if you’re working out at home…..and you can look good and stay comfortable if you decide to wear your maternity activewear all day.

And when it’s time to chillout it’s good to enjoy something more special too.  Non-alcoholic drinks have come on a long way from the days when the best you could hope for was a gin and tonic without the gin or a vodka and orange without the vodka.

We love Belle & Co alcoholic-free sparkly. All the sparkle, bubbles and flavour – the only thing that’s missing is the alcohol!  Celebrate with a glass on its own, chilled and refreshing or try one of these delicious virgin cocktails created by Will Wragg of The Great Chase, London’s first alcohol free restaurant.

look after YOU pregnancy mocktails
Belle & Co Mocktail

Dry, intriguing and quaffable, a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail

Serve in a champagne flute or coupette

SHAKE together:

  • 25ml cloudy apple juice
  • good grind of black pepper (don’t be shy)
  • tiny pinch of flake salt
  • 3 or 4 roughly torn basil leaves

FINE STRAIN into the glass,
Top with Belle & Co. Brut and garnish with a basil leaf

This is a real favourite, the white wine vinegar really does elevate this drink

Best in a champagne flute


  • Half a barspoon of white wine vinegar – swirl to coat inside of glass, discard excess.  Or use a LITTLE squeeze of lemon if you prefer
  • 25ml elderflower cordial
  • Top with Belle & Co. Brut

GARNISH with a ribbon of cucumber (use a vegetable peeler to cut a long strip, roll it and drop it in so it sits around the inside top of the glass)

A simple, classic alcohol-free drink

FRESH SQUEEZED orange juice – or try it with mandarin or even apricot

35ml for a ‘Bucks Knees’, or 70ml for a ‘Mimozzza’ in a champagne flute

Top with Belle & Co. Brut

Belle & Co Mocktail

A mocktail that’s guaranteed to refresh!

Use a large wine glass

FILL with ice (if it’s not full, the drink will dilute too quickly as the ice melts)

  • 25ml cloudy/ good quality apple juice
  • 25ml elderflower cordial
  • 10ml Seedlip 108 [optional]
  • Top with Belle & Co. Brut

GARNISH with a sprig of mint, cucumber slice or ribbon


Bright, eye catching aperitivo-type alcohol-free spritz

Choose a large wine glass

FILL with ice (if it’s not full, the drink will dilute too quickly as the ice melts)

  • 25ml blackcurrant cordial
  • squeeze of lime juice – one wedge
  • 15ml/splash tonic water
  • Top with Belle & Co. Rosé

GARNISH with a slice of orange


Beautiful aroma of rose garden – a pretty and delicate mocktail

Champagne flute (or coupette)


  • Half a barspoon of rosewater – swirl to coat inside of glass, discard excess
  • 25ml cranberry juice
  • Top with Belle & Co. Rosé

GARNISH with a red berry and and/or a sprig of thyme