Second Fitta-Babba On The Way

Second Fitta-Babba On The Way
February 9, 2021 Nicola
Second Fitta-Babba on the way

2020 was a challenging year for everyone…but there were many good things initiated during the Covid lockdown that will have a positive outcome in 2021.

Alexandra McCabe, co-founder of FittaMamma shares her pregnancy story

‘The UK was in the middle of the first lockdown and we were focussed on the challenges of remote working.  Most importantly we wanted to make sure we met the needs of all our customers who were working out at home, following new exercise regimes and needing supportive activewear for their baby bumps.

We recognised that many women are looking for stylish and supportive maternity activewear with all the attributes of our unique high performance FittaMamma fabric but toned down for everyday pregnancy exercise and home workouts. Our teams were working hard to make sure the new range met all the right criteria.

Managing our business, an active toddler and all the stresses of lockdown with limited childcare didn’t leave much spare time.

Okay …I know our business focusses very much on pregnancy and the needs of pregnant women but with so much going on I didn’t actually realise I was pregnant myself!

When the first samples of our new ‘Made to Move’ maternity activewear range arrived we were super excited – they looked fab.  We all tried them on to see how the fabric felt, how they fitted on different body shapes and whether they met the ‘squat and downward dog’ test.  The new style of vest and leggings fitted me remarkably well.  Looking back I can see that my colleagues were very restrained, not mentioning that I appeared to have put on a little bit of extra weight, filling out the high waist panel slightly more than expected….or offering a reason why.

Baby Ben had brought so much fun and joy I was longing to have another baby – I just hadn’t realised that my second pregnancy had happened without me noticing!

Of course, once I knew, I was hit with a wave of pregnancy nausea and first trimester tiredness.  It was almost like my body had hung on until I’d acknowledged my pregnancy before giving into all day morning sickness and an urge to sleep.

Luckily the second trimester saw an end to the nausea and a renewed burst of energy. But second time round my bump and boobs seem to have grown more rapidly with twinges of SPD hitting me much earlier.

Currently I manage to fit in a workout first thing in the morning before Ben wakes up (now he’s almost three he makes up for months of sleepless nights when he was tiny by sleeping in until at least half past seven!).

I invested in a cross trainer during lockdown to make sure I could get in a full workout whatever the weather and without the need to visit a gym.  I like to alternate a session on the cross trainer with some weight training and regularly follow our own FittaMamma workouts with the lovely Natasha.  I’ve also recently started including some Barre work …it’s surprisingly challenging and an ideal exercise for pregnant women. That burst of activity first thing in the morning really sets me up for the day.  I exercised right up until the final day of my last pregnancy and have every intention of doing the same again this time – I firmly believe that staying active during pregnancy gave me more energy and much more strength and stamina both for the birth and for those early days of motherhood.

Our new range is called ‘Made to Move’ and there’s a good reason behind the name.  Our bodies are not designed to be sedentary. 

Moving, any sort of moving, is beneficial.  It doesn’t have to be an organised class, or need an expensive gym membership – you can run, walk, cycle or follow an online prenatal exercise workout or yoga session at home.

But whatever movement you choose, wherever you choose to do it, getting changed into your maternity activewear will get you into the zone, keep you motivated and most importantly holds and supports your precious baby bump. Our new range is designed to encourage all you gorgeous Mammas to remember our bodies are made to move….and that’s exactly what our maternity activewear is all about!

I’m super proud to be wearing our new Made to Move range myself – I hope you’ll be proud to wear it too!