Can maternity activewear leggings help ease pain?

Can maternity activewear leggings help ease pain?
June 30, 2021 Nicola
can maternity activewear leggings help ease pain?

Our maternity activewear leggings and maternity workout leggings have always been popular but we do get asked a lot of questions, especially about why it’s better to buy more technical maternity leggings designed for fitness than to simply go for a bigger size of cheap and cheerful leggings.

In general lots of new mums-to-be see buying maternity leggings as a teeny bit indulgent as you’re only going to be pregnant for nine months and think that ‘ordinary leggings’ will get more use after the baby is born.

My task here is to share the many reasons why well-fitting maternity fitness leggings will bring you a disproportionate amount of comfort and joy ….and as the mum of 4 week old Arno, I’m very much speaking from experience!

Firstly, this might sound obvious but ‘ordinary’ leggings are not designed for pregnant women.  They might be stretchy and might even have a high waist that looks like it will cover your bump ….but your body is going to go through a lot of shape changes.  We designed our maternity activewear leggings with a high waist panel that can be folded down so it works through every trimester.  You can adjust where the waist panel sits depending on your size, your activity and where it feels most comfortable – which means the leggings fit through every trimester.

Ultimate Fitness Leggings

And that includes the fourth trimester

We call them maternity activewear leggings ….but they continue to look good and feel good after your baby is born, supporting your mummy tummy and giving your muscles a chance to knit back together. Think of them as maternity and postnatal activewear leggings, because that’s exactly what they are!

But it’s not just the fit

Because they’re designed primarily for exercise, our maternity activewear leggings don’t fall down.  Which means that when you run, walk, squat, practise yoga, bend over, sit down ….or whatever you choose to do in your leggings, you won’t be  constantly yanking them back up.  Small point maybe – but leggings that fall down are massively annoying!

Personally I simply accepted the fact that these were the most comfortable item in my pregnancy wardrobe and wore them all the time (and still do!).  I fully embrace the concept of ‘living in your activewear’ – why not? It’s comfortable, flattering, looks good AND supports your baby bump.

Ultimate Fitness Leggings

Which brings me to my next point!

That level of support is REALLY important.

The whole ethos of FittaMamma is to enable women to stay active with confidence and style throughout pregnancy and beyond.  And that means as much support as possible for your bump, back and boobs.

Our maternity activewear leggings are designed to come up high around your back, hugging your bump and easing the weight of your growing belly.  Supporting the weight of your bump eases the pressure on your pelvic floor and can be an absolute godsend if (like me) you suffer from pelvic girdle pain. Arno is my second baby and this time the pain in my pelvic floor could be quite intense – thank goodness for my FittaMamma maternity leggings!

FittaMamma Maternity Leggings

Our Ultimate workout leggings go one step further, with a discreet band under your bump to give extra support exactly where you need it.  Not only do they reduce the level of bump bounce (we had them independently lab tested) but lifting and holding the weight of your growing baby bump eases those pregnancy aches and pains around your pelvis and lower back.  Holding your back firmly eases the strain on your lower back and lumbar region, encouraging you to stand tall and avoid the forward curve in your lumbar region that exacerbates pregnancy back pain.

Ultimate Range Leggings

And finally ….this is based on customer feedback and we’d love you to put it to the test and let us know how it works for you….easing the load by wearing our supportive maternity activewear and workout legging appears to have a beneficial impact on stretchmarks.   Whilst I’d be happy to ‘wear my tiger stripes with pride’ I’m very pleased not to have any stretch marks.  And we’re even more delighted with the positive feedback we’ve had from many customers who have enjoyed the same result.  It seems that keeping bump bounce to a minimum and holding your belly firmly eases the pressure and stretch on your skin as well as your back.  Bonus!

So…. in answer to my original question, ‘can maternity leggings help ease pain?’ – the answer is YES! 

Well-designed performance pregnancy activewear leggings and maternity workout leggings will help provide support where you need it during pregnancy, easing the strain on your bump, pelvic floor and lower back.

Whether you work out regularly and want the additional support provided by our high performance Ultimate range, or you’re choosing to do your best for you and your baby and intend to stay active during your pregnancy and need simple, supportive maternity activewear leggings ….or you simply want the benefit of support, comfort and style during your pregnancy, don’t skimp on the leggings Mamma!

Consider them a wardrobe essential – you DESERVE the maximum comfort available during this often uncomfortable journey

FittaMamma fitnesswear has been fully tested for support.  Click HERE to watch the video