Welcome to Baby Arnie

Welcome to Baby Arnie
October 5, 2021 Nicola
welcome to baby arnie

FittaMamma co-founder Alexandra McCabe is delighted to introduce her gorgeous new baby son,  the final months of her lockdown pregnancy and the postnatal fitnesswear range that arrived just in time!

‘My second pregnancy seemed to pass almost too quickly,’ said Alex.  ‘I’m not sure what was more challenging, making sure we adapted our business to better meet the needs of pregnant and postnatal women working out at home during the pandemic, managing a toddler during lockdown or moving house the week Arnie was due.  Working out myself was an absolute life-saver, even a short burst of exercise first thing in the morning would set me up for the day!’

Arnie was a big baby and towards the end of my pregnancy he was pressing down heavily on my pelvis.  My FittaMamma activewear leggings were my absolute go-to, I wore them all day everyday – you’d be surprised how good they look under a dress! Most importantly the support they offer made a real difference, I dread to think how much more uncomfortable I would have been without them.  Pelvic girdle pain and the occasional lightning crotch pain in the last few weeks was not pleasant but I did find that regular moving, stretching and wearing our supportive maternity activewear really helped.  The temptation to sit down and put my feet up was often overwhelming but I felt so much better after a walk or fifteen minutes of prenatal yoga stretches.

Unsurprisingly Alex was at her desk when she felt the first sharp twinges of labour.  Baby Arnold arrived less than four hours later, a generous 9lb 6oz.

Alex second pregnancy

Postnatal fitness

Alex continued, ‘After my first pregnancy I’d had a sharp reality check about how quickly you lose your mummy tummy after the birth of your baby.  Okay…some mothers DO snap back into shape within the first few postnatal weeks, but I’m not one of them!

I wore our FittaMamma fitnesswear well into my fourth trimester, loving the way it supported my tummy, giving the muscles a chance to knit back together.  Second time round is no different, I’ve had to accept that your body has been changing over nine months and it can take nine months to fully regain your pre-pregnancy bod.

My supportive FittaMamma leggings and the flattering lines of our activewear vest feel just as good for postnatal wear as they did during pregnancy –  living in my activewear had become a way of life!  But becoming a mum myself has given me a much better understanding of exactly what new Mammas need most from their fitness wardrobe.

postnatal fitness clothes with Arno

Our new high impact sports bra

Throughout my pregnancy we were working on the designs of our new postnatal range ….and I was delighted that our high impact maternity and nursing sports bra arrived in time for me to benefit!

We wanted to design a high-impact sports bra that succeeds in giving you a good shape without the need for uncomfortable wires and, most importantly, provides discreet and easy access for feeding. The drop-down cups and one-hand clips are the best I’ve come across.

new high impact sports bra

The racer back ensures the straps don’t fall down, surely the most annoying aspect of any underwear but especially annoying during exercise.  The bra is fully adjustable, essential for a bra designed to accommodate the changes in your boobs throughout pregnancy and provide maximum comfort for breast-feeding.

I love it! It’s quite simply the most comfortable sports bra I own.

The initial black and grey bra will shortly be joined by a gorgeous new version in a geometric pink print – same comfort and support for pregnancy and breast-feeding,  but in a more vibrant colour.

The bra is ideal under a vest or as a standalone crop top for maternity or postnatal exercise.

Introducing the new FittaMamma maternity and nursing hoodie

The other gap in my maternity and postnatal wardrobe was a hoodie that I could just throw on after exercise, wear when I was out running or walking or simply snuggle into at the end of the day. My ideal was something that would fit throughout pregnancy but was designed with breast-feeding  mammas in mind.  Hoicking up a jumper or standard hoodie to gain access to your boobs never seems to work properly!

We worked throughout my pregnancy to come up with the perfect solution, using my ever-increasingly big baby bump as the benchmark for a flattering maternity fit.

We’re delighted with the result!

Our gorgeous new FittaMamma maternity and postnatal hoodie is perfect throughout your pregnancy and really comes into its own after your baby is born. The snuggly hood is fully self-lined for comfort and warmth and the sleeves are cut long with thumb holes. Two roomy zip-up pockets are secure for your phone and keys and big enough for your hands (I hate tiny pockets!).  Best of all the discreet zips on either side give easy access for feeding your baby.  We’ve made our hoodie in a lovely luxe fabric with a soft, buttery feel, perfect for the cooler months.

the new FittaMamma maternity and nursing hoodie

I can’t decide which I like best, the charcoal marl or the flattering dusky lavender – I’ll wear both and let you know which receives the most compliments!  My greedy new baby is simply happy that he has easy access to food whenever he demands it!