Maternity Fitnesswear Supporting Olympians

Maternity Fitnesswear Supporting Olympians
October 5, 2021 Nicola
Maternity fitnesswear supporting Olympians


World-record breaking Olympic gold medallist Dame Sarah Storey trained throughout both her pregnancies – baby Charlie, now three, was born after the Rio Olympics but with plenty of time to prepare for Tokyo!


FittaMamma are delighted she supported both her baby bumps with their award-winning maternity exercise gear.

Dame Sarah said, ‘Staying fit and healthy in pregnancy is important for so many reasons.  Your baby will benefit from you being fit and healthy. Another positive is how it makes you feel.  Exercise helps with confidence and the endorphins provide a sense of happiness and calm.’ Her top tips for exercise during pregnancy are, ‘listen to your body, wear suitable clothing and have a smile on your face!’

Fellow Olympian, cyclist and mother Dani Rowe MBE also wore FittaMamma maternity fitnesswear during her pregnancy.  Agreeing with Dame Sarah she said, ‘I absolutely love the way FittaMamma leggings come right over the bump and the top doesn’t ride up. It does a similar job to a belt but more comfortable, easing and holding the weight and helping to support your hips and pelvis. When I ran, my bump barely moved, they’re so supportive.’

Amy Williams MBE was awarded a Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics with victory in the women’s skeleton.  Her career left her with many injuries but she continued to exercise during her pregnancies, more recently adapting her training to fit in pregnancy exercise around her toddler, including buggy running. She wore her FittaMamma maternity exercise wear to support her baby bump, both in and out of the gym.

Before she went to Tokyo, Dame Sarah admitted she did not expect to continue her sporting career after becoming a mother.  She described coming back after two pregnancies as her biggest achievement.

Alexandra McCabe, founder of FittaMamma says, ‘Pregnancy and motherhood can be a huge motivator and should not be viewed as barrier to fitness. We designed our maternity and postnatal activewear to support pregnant women to stay active however that might be …whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a mum keeping up with her toddler in the park. Dame Sarah is a wonderful inspiration to mothers all over the world.

Independently lab-proven to reduce bump bounce by 48%, FittaMamma maternity tops and leggings are technically designed to work like a sports bra for the bump, easing and holding the weight to avoid pressure on the pelvis. The Ultimate tops have a firm waistband that hugs your hips firmly to counteract the effects of relaxin on the joints as well as soft inner bra to provide extra support for tender breasts.  We even developed our own unique fabrics, designed to stretch throughout pregnancy, maintaining support and regaining their shape for postnatal exercise.


All of this comes without sacrificing style, providing an extra confidence boost for women who choose to stay fit during this important period of their lives.

Not just for maternity, FittaMamma fitnesswear is ideal for the all-important fourth trimester, holding and supporting your mummy tummy after your baby is born.  The range has been extended to include a high impact maternity and feeding sports bra and, just in time for the cooler months, a nursing hoodie.