Creating community with exercise!

Creating community with exercise!
June 6, 2022 marketing
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Much of pregnancy is spent planning childbirth, whether its buying everything you need for your baby or preparing your body and mind for labour. 

If you’ve been working during your pregnancy, the reality of maternity leave with long days to fill and a new baby to look after can feel like quite a culture shock. There are so many challenges as you learn how to soothe, stimulate, entertain and support your baby’s development combined with finding time to look after yourself, fit in exercise and hopefully meet new friends with babies of a similar age to yours to have an adult conversation with!

We recognise that pregnancy and becoming a new Mamma is not always easy …so we’ve partnered with a club called Busylizzy to help you with all those things – and more!

Busylizzy offers a timetable of local and online classes for mums-to-be, new mums and little ones, offering pregnancy and postnatal fitness along with a range of baby & toddler classes designed to entertain mums (or dads for that matter) and little ones alike, while supporting their development.  Busylizzy has a network of classes around the UK that you can enjoy face to face, but if that’s not possible for you, it’s easy to join a class online via Zoom or on demand via their Facebook group Busylizzy Live.  If you’re not close to a live class, or if it’s one of those days when getting out of the house isn’t an option just log on to an online classes instead and enjoy all the benefits from the comfort of your own home!

Busylizzy takes you on a journey from bump to birth and beyond as you and your baby go from pregnancy to newborn, crawler and cruiser! It’s not just one class – but a rounded club experience for you and your little one. You can start at any time and take part in the classes that suit your stage of pregnancy, level of fitness, or baby’s age. Whether you’re 14 plus weeks pregnant or have a six week, three month, six or nine month old baby – there’s something for you.

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Started over ten years ago, Busylizzy has great heritage in the mum and baby space with a team of expert instructors. Pre- and postnatally trained fitness trainers tailor exercises to you and your stage of pregnancy or postnatal recovery. Meanwhile the baby class instructors help you enjoy quality time with your little one – giving you new ideas for developmental play at home, new tunes to sing together or calming techniques to soothe and help with nap and bedtime routines. The sessions offer an opportunity to learn a new skill together, helping to build confidence and leaving you feeling empowered.

Busylizzy membership allows you to create structure and routine for a maternity leave on your terms, in a totally flexible way that reflects the demands of pregnancy and parenthood. Classes can be booked via the handy App in advance or on the day and cancelled up to 2 hours beforehand if your day isn’t quite going to plan.

Don’t quite make it out of the house? Use the online classes instead! Want to exercise but don’t belong to a gym with a creche?  Bring your little one to the postnatal fitness classes – no childcare required! Need to catch up on some sleep? Send your partner, mum, dad or best friend to a class with your little one so you can stay home and rest!

But Busylizzy isn’t just about the classes – it’s about the community of like-minded parents that it creates. Membership includes social events and workshops relevant to every aspect of parenthood. These shared experiences are a great way to meet people and make friends, creating a new support network for advice and empathy, and combating the feelings of isolation that can be common for new parents.

If you’d like to know more about Busylizzy and what they do, head to

The good news is that as part of the FittaMamma community you can try a full month of BusyLizzy Zoom classes absolutely free of charge!  

This offer is worth £30 and there is no obligation to continue with the classes at the end of the month but if you decide you’d like to keep going you can also take advantage of their introductory offer of a £15 FittaMamma voucher!

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