Support your breasts Mammas!

Support your breasts Mammas!
June 3, 2022 marketing

The importance of wearing a sports bra is undisputed. The average UK breast size is a 34D, which is around 500g per breast or an extra 1kg of additional weight.   Your breasts have no muscles and can move independently to the rest of your body, supported only by two weak structures: the skin itself and your Cooper’s ligaments.  Movement in the breasts during running or other exercise can cause irreversible damage, meaning that neither your skin nor your Cooper’s ligaments will return to their original shape if they’re over-stretched.  This doesn’t just cause breast pain, it can also cause your breasts to sag and your skin to suffer from stretch marks.

Wearing a well-fitting, supportive sports bra doesn’t just alleviate the issues around breast bounce, pain, sagging and stretching, it can also improve your performance.  Research has shown that women running without a bra instinctively adjust their running to compensate with shorter strides, shallower breathing and reduced movement in their arms and upper bodies.

A well-fitting sports bra is vital for ANY exercise, not just running.

Anatomy of the female breast

Now let’s add pregnancy into the mix!

Right from the early weeks of pregnancy your breasts will start to get bigger and heavier.  The amount of fatty tissue and blood flow to your breasts will increase to help the milk ducts and mammary glands grow, causing your breasts to swell.  By the end of the third trimester many women gain up to another kilo in their breasts.

The veins in your breasts dilate to accommodate the increased blood flow and are likely to become more obvious, combined with bigger and more defined nipples. Unsurprisingly this can make your pregnant boobs feel increasingly tender.

Your skin is stretching and you might find your breasts are itchy as well as tender.  Those pregnant boobs need as much love and support as you can give them.

A well-fitting maternity sports bra is an absolute essential.

General advice suggests the key points to look for in a maternity bra are a thick band under your breasts, wide shoulder straps and an adjustable closure.  We took all of these into consideration when we designed the FittaMamma maternity sports bra and added in a few other features to make it the most comfortable and supportive maternity bra available.

The racer back was an essential to avoid irritating shoulder strap slippage during exercise (leaving you to focus on what you’re doing, not hitching up your clothes!); the fabric was critical to ensure it would stretch, expand and contract with the changes to your breasts during and after pregnancy -without any compromise to the level of support provided.  It had to be buttery soft, easy to wash and comfortable to wear.

Maternity & feeding sports bra

Which brings me to my next point!

Most importantly the FittaMamma maternity bra had to accommodate breast-feeding too

We wanted our maternity sports bra to see you through the months after your baby is born – which meant designing easy access, drop down cups for breast-feeding.  The clips on either side were tested to ensure they can be easily managed with one hand, allowing for an impatient, hungry infant in the other hand.  Our bra is discreet and accessible, whenever and wherever you need to feed your baby.

feeding sports bra

The award-winning FittaMamma bra!

Winning an award for our maternity sports bra is very satisfying!  The Made for Mums awards are an industry standard, judging our bra against all other maternity and nursing bras for ‘supportiveness, comfort, effectiveness, ease of use, quality, style, size offering and value for money’.  We won the Gold Award!

Made for Mums said: Our home testers were very impressed by the great quality of this high impact sports bra, with the added benefit of it also being a comfortable nursing bra. The adaptive stretch in the material is a great for accommodating changes in breast size. Testers found the material also offered longevity even after washing. Tester Carly commented “No shrinking/fading or bobbling – this product has been fab, it isn’t suitable for tumble drying however I have found that it dries super quickly.  The material is stretchy yet very supportive. It was also incredibly comfortable when breastfeeding.” 

In the words of tester Chloe, who is pregnant: “I really enjoyed wearing this, it’s so comfortable, practical and easy to use when nursing! I liked the colour of it and the material felt good quality. Overall, I’m very pleased with this product.”

Try it for yourself!

Whether your preferred level of exercise is high impact and intense or gentle and relaxed, your boobs will benefit from optimum support and comfort. Our gorgeous new pink version of the bra is perfect for the summer and gives a fab pop of colour under our black maternity exercise vests.

And just in case you didn’t know!

Our Ultimate Supportive Maternity Fitnesswear is a Gold Award winner too, holding and supporting your bump during pregnancy. For the best full body support during pregnancy we recommend our Ultimate leggings, vests and our high impact maternity bra (they look great too!!)